SFLERP Presents Margery Gootnick Cooperation Award

This year the Society’s Board of Directors presented the Labor-Management Cooperation Award to NFFE Local 251 and the USDA Forest Service, Alaska Region.  The award is named in honor of longtime SFLERP Board member and Arbitrator Margery Gootnick who spearheaded the establishment of the award as a way to recognize successful cooperative labor relations in the Federal sector.

This year, the award was given for sustained level of cooperative relations over the years.  The parties demonstrated their commitment to each other and to maintaining a high caliber of cooperative relations.  Over the years, the parties have reduced by more than 50% the number of grievances filed and have used interest-based problem solving techniques to frame their discussion and negotiations.

The award recipients were Ken Dinsmore with NFFE Local 251, and Rebecca Nourse, Acting Regional Forester, in Juneau, Alaska.  They were unable to fly from Alaska to receive the award in person but were represented by Dave Stamey with NFFE’s National office, and Beth Pendleton, Acting Associate Chief at USDA Forest Service, who resides in Juneau.  She was returning home the next day with the awards in hand!  Congratulations to the recipients on their recognition.

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